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    City swordsman legend-01(with Preface)


    Proton is a subatomic particle with positive charge. The number of protons in the nucleus determis chemical properties and what chemical elements it belongs to, and then all the substances in the real world are made up of atoms with different protons, including energy.

    The fertilized eggs as one of the most basigle cells, with immeality, after numerous divisions, although all the nucleus of the double helix structure of DNA are as like as two peas but they eventually grow, for different tissues and ans, some bee the brain, some bee nervous, others into skin, or horny, or bee from the ecological  through dander, finally restored to the most basic elements.

    The big bang begins with oo two, two to three... Endless, multiplication and reprodu of the birth of all things.

    The flood of time went out in the unknown dire.

    The Taoist said:“Heaven derivation forty-his is to escape one.“

    The Buddha said,“the other side.“

    There is an infinite or infinite possibility before you reach the end of everything.

    A seed sprout, grow into t trees, tless atoms of a cell, sisting of millions of cells of a leaf, a piece of bark, a twig or a root, it is difficult to t.

    Uhe flood of time, the world seeds grow into a tall and strong world tree, and the luxuriant branches and leaves grow and grow again and again.

    Although it is difficult to find the endless world as like as two peas leaves, but like Ganges RIver sand in general, extremely intelligent beings with aware of fleeting things that vanishes in a flash between the deja vu, find some clues to another and very different fate in the drizzly flickering, perhaps trampled the humble beggar, battlefield hegemie masterpiece smart, regardless of the merts, have no sense of shame of the villain, where the reckless with greed of the officials, the emperor, like proton, like DNA, in the inexhaustible world a different interpretation of the life.

    It is because of this a bit uo testify, but whether it is a wizard, sacrifice, sage, warlock ,wise man and many is and wearing a variety of extraordinary big titles  seem everything from themselves or around, in the eyes of oerhooks, trying to steal a secret.

    01 - I'm a small green loong

    “... I am a small green loong, I have a lot of small secrets, I am a small green loong, I have a lot of small secrets. I have a lot of secrets, I will not tell you, I will not tell you, and I will not tell you...“

    Awakened by the mobile phtones and buzzing sound Li Bai opened his eyes, after absence for a moment, seems to do a long strange dream, the habit of readily grasp, intelligent mobile phone flat cold accurately into the palm.

    The caller on the s shows, celestial being Zhou.

    The other is the seventh hospital, their boss,“love don't say two words“ Guazaizuibian when Zhou Zhenren Zhou Tong's pet phrase.

    A finger, just turn on the phone immediately spread the voice of reality week stamp with rage.

    “rade Li Bai, what's the time? Do you still want to do it? If you delay today's unication, you will give your natio.“

    Pa! The call was hung up.

    “Ah! Exge meeting? Not good!“

    Li Bai suddenly remembered that today there was an important unication ference sponsored by the seventh hospital, which was attended by the colleagues from three provinces and oy i a, c an important unication ferenental aal health.

    If you let the week live lost face, the old man would never give her face, I am afraid even swallow skihemselves have the idea of.

    Mobile phone s time is half past nine in the m, he quickly opehe quilt to get up and move suddenly fixed, eyes grew bigger, her belly was entrenched a green snake.


    Wait... How  there be a sharp sharp er on the head of a snake? What kind is this?

    “Hee hee!“

    Heard a woman's laughter, Li Bai didn't want to know what is going on, there is no sign of snake suddenly shot up, went straight to his neck.



    The sudden m bite very cold, but small green Jiao let Li Bai classmate firmed a fact.

    It's not a dream, it's a real experience.

    But he came back from another world.

    From the edge of Kansai in DAWU, Xi Yan town, a demon in the domain, loong, into the Xiaolin temple, destroy the moide, rhubarb ridge, learn glang sword,the capital of DAWU, meet with the Mr.Bai and he daughter, helped Miss Xiang Jun of play the Duke of Deng ,Asd to the throne of the Emperor. Fight with Five Asgard,Seves and Thirteen genre, spiracy to detect the Tianxie sects,expeditionary force that intercepts as the sacred religion, finally put the fiend of the other world bae to beat, ending it's not perfect, The world is able to make peace fo******riod of time.

    To the point of view humanoid Devil (self walking for natural disasters), is e to a successful issue.

    Empress Xiang Jun and Sakura sister , um, and Zhi Rong sister may be because of their missing and sad for a while, at least  live in peace, do not worry about those people and people set off the cult days of natural calamities and man-made misfortunes.

    But the another little parthenopipes with LiBai disappear in door of sky, let he have more than a few worry.

    As a master of psychology Li Bai quickly adjust the good state of mind.

    Although Hong Li and not in his side,Fortunately, in the heart of the flower treasure genital chaos Qinglian projeg to the void in the several filaments still exist, means that few beastkin in his blood attu and intelligence development are still alive, red carp Hong Li is no exception.

    Qing Jiao parthenopipes lingering anger  fully uand, for who ot easily accept the hardships to repair the body and soon pushed back to body of Jiao, not enough time to enjoy a sense of superiority of the world darling was from heaven to hell. She won't eat he, is very lucky.

    Do not live in sin, good m bite ot blame others naturally bee homely food.

    Station car at the side of the road, Li Bai rubbed his lingering pain in the neck, this woman had a sce, will lick two sesame sized blood holes, or accumulated day by day, you might be misuood as an “Sauteed Vermicelli with Spicy Minced Pork“.

    Just go back to the inal world, a phone call to his face let him dare not


    Dean of Seventh People's Hospital Mr. Zhou's order is related to the work, iion is related to his own job。 After paying the monthly rent and the water aricity coal, the rest of the salary is only enough to eat.

    If it was quit, it would probably be like sending a resume around the dogs like those who were unemployed.

    “Go to the Seventh People's hospital!“

    A taxi was stopped, and Lee got in.

    “Oh, what about Cosplay?“

    The young taxi driver looked up and down in surprise.

    But an a e ah People's hospital are liogether, it is easy to make people want to be skew.

    Cosplay? He bowed his head into his body with a glance, mouth twitched, patronize against the savage and absurd green Jiao parthenopipes, fet still dressed in a e.

    “Something urgent, fet to ge.“

    Li Bai had a bitter smile.

    Obviously,He brought back more than just parthenopipes,other local specialty,and the clothes.

    “No wonder?“

    The taxi driver with the uanding of the expression, quick to hit the accelerator, a taxi quickly joihe busy traffic.

    Li Bai still heard the voiewhat insincere.

    Fuck off wear a clothes to the psychiatric hospital, will not be mentally ill?

    OK! Have to admit that he is going to the doctor, he couldn't explain, more say more wrong.

    Ign the strange gaze of the taxi driver, Li Bai quickly arrived at his destinatioh People's hospital.

    Look up for a moment, but not too long to delay, say a few good words, Mr.Zhou should not stir his own squid.

    On the way to catch the rushed to the locker room, the nurses and patients saw Li Bai, one is like a ghost ierrified after his dodge aside, lest they actally hit.

    These girls usually only know ogle, the key moment unreliable.

    Just on the four floor, there are yelling at the breath rushed out, knocked several, like a mad bull, such as in a place where there is no one.

    “The fuck! Zhen Tu here, who would dare to call me? LuDa, e out!“

    He heard someone in the back shouting,“Stop him!“ Chlorpromazine 5 milliliter iion preparation!“

    Seventh People's hospital have of a strong security team, all of them are retired special soldiers, Li Bai see these people, ot help but happy.

    In front of running is a frequent visitor, always uhe delusion that he is “the Water Margin“ butcher Lu Tixia fisting town in Kansai, two people or even the same name, called Zheng Tu, is about to see the “Water Margin“ to see the madness, causing paranoid schizophrenia.

    Usually very normal, ohe disease,think he is Mr. and Zheng, clam for revenge, in aimes, this is a need of evil. In modern times, he is a patient with a mental illness, or an acute, only a calming agent is needed.

    Acc to the vention, such as Zheng Tu disease patients with unstable early should be sent to hospital for loreatment, where Grandma Wang ma rehired back, with a tranquilizer gun, crazy is a big gun down life, went to the elevator are sidered.

    A is not enough, thewo needle, Wang Nainai ma of inpatiement, did not have trouble.

    Seeing the doctor between the security and the nurses, he was Zheng Tu's chief physi,  Sheng.  Sheng saw Li Bai, first surprised, and then his face became gloomy.

    Because Dr.  could not refuse his family's request, but he didn't allow the patient to be hospitalized. Fortunately, it is now in hospital. If it happens outside, it will bee a big trouble.

    Li Bai is very happy to see Dr.  is unlucky. This guy is not friendly with himself. Retly, psychiatry has just got a promotion quota, and the two have bee petitors each other.

    Dr.  has been jealous of Li Bai's attention by the Dean, and he is more hostile to him at ordinary times.

    “Li Bai, stop him!“

    Seeing Li Bai blog Zheng Tu,  Sheng had a slightest laugh at the bottom of his heart, despite the pani his face.

    Zheng Tu is very strong, looks like the “Water Margin“ in Zheng DaGuanRen.

    A shrieking in the hallway, he is the most frightening example of psychic patient, murder without a crime

    Li Bai quietly prepared spells, but suddenly in surprise.

    nimbus of the middle elixir field is not much left. Nimbus strange densed soybean sized grains, like granite simply unmoved, while the outside without a tiny bit of nimbus  be used.

    He fot the rules of heaven ah iwo worlds are pletely different.

    Zheng Tu is still like a mad cow, bumped into Li Bai in soon.